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At present, there is a dearth of a one-stop shop mobile app to achieve the multiple functionalities that event-tailored app seeks to provide.  Any event organizer that wishes to provide a highly interactive mobile app to add value for their exhibitors and visitors will find themselves having to engage a number of vendors to do so, or to sink in significant investment, time and resources to develop and heavily customize the features.

Comprehending visitor’s presence in the Exhibition hall and in Exhibitor’s booth is usually lacking, hence we have solutions to address this issue. Gone are the days when exhibitors need to stay back after the event days to generate reports for their bosses. With our ‘presence tracking solution’ we are able to provide you with daily report(s) of:

  • Number of visitors  to your booth
  • Dwell time of your visitors
  • Number of new visitors to your booth area
  • Number of repeated visitors to your booth area 

Cloud base customize portal (Online Exhibitor Manual):  To reduce or eliminate the job of exhibitors filling up order forms manually or send these forms via fax/email to organisers, we provide solutions to this issue. We are able to convert your manual Exhibitor Manual into a Online version, that is hosted in the cloud whereby each organiser is able to:

  • Provide login to each exhibitor
  • Upload database
  • Setup pricing 
  • Create shopping cart
  • Setup auto email reminder
  • Generate report
  • Provide vendor login